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About Us

Paweł Kowalczyk Law Firm specializes in commercial litigation. Lawyers at the Law Firm prepare pleadings and other documents for court submission and participate in hearings held by courts and arbitrational tribunals on a daily basis. Based on our procedural experience we are able to secure interests of our client in an optimal manner by taking appropriate legal steps for our client in particular situation. We strive to navigate our clients through legal proceedings by taking proactive actions in relation to the court and the adversaries.

  • The Law Firm’s main practice focuses on litigating civil law cases that have arisen on grounds on contract or tort obligations. When appropriate, the Law Firm undertakes also proceeding regarding granting of preliminary injunctions, and undertakes representing clients during enforcement proceedings that follows.
  • We provide our clients with legal advice regarding their current commercial activities (negotiating contracts, providing assistance in corporate issues). Our clients are, among others, companies from the architect and the construction industry, science and research institutes. While designing the strategy for our clients we consider given business circumstances, the expected effect to the profit and loss account as well as to the brand image.
  • In our practice we combine the highest standard of services which is typical for top international law firms with all advantages of a specialized boutique law firm.
  • We provide services in Polish, English and French.


The Law Firm has broad experience in providing complex legal services for Polish and international clients.

We advised in difficult and complex cases, often involving precedent issues.

Attorney Paweł Kowalczyk participated as a class representative in a class action brought against the State Treasury, the State Social Security Agency and Open Investment Funds (so called “OFE case”)

Court cases and arbitration

    Represented Polish and foreign companies in various suits over payment (including one of the biggest company in food industry in an action against distributors of its products)

    Represented consulting company from the energy industry in a lawsuit against energy consortium

    Represented research institute in a suits over payment against state-owned company

    Represented and advised clients during litigation concerning building projects (represented investors in lawsuits against general constructors and subcontractors, represented company from the architect industry in a lawsuit filed by a property developer regarding design works of multi-unit residential developments.

    Represented clients during the proceedings in Poland on recognition of foreign enforcement orders as well as during the enforcement proceedings

    Represented clients in arbitrtion proceedings

    Represented clients in insurance cases such as traffic accidents, medical malpractice.

    Represented individuals in inheritance proceedings (including multijurisdictional cases and matters that required application of foreign substantial law).

Competition law

    Prepared and implemented complex strategies regarding company’s trade secret policy

    Represented clients in criminal cases based on acts of unfair competition allegedly committed by their former employees

    Represented clients in proceedings conducted by Personal Data Protection State Agency concerning an unlawful use of clients’ databases.

    Represented French company from fragrance industry against Polish entities in cases involving unfair competition and intellectual property issues.

Copyright law

    Providing legal services regarding copyrights and protection of databases to one of the science institutes of Polish Science Academy.

Corporation and contract law

    advised on and prepared various types of contracts such as lease, distribution, delivery contracts, all contracts have been individually tailored for each client in order to optimally secure his particular interests

    drafted corporate documents and represented clients (companies, foundations, associations) during court registration proceedings

    Conducted winding-up proceedings of the limited liability companies

    Provided legal advice to partners in civil law partnerships

Labour law

    Represented employers in indemnification cases filed by formerly employed top management members

    Represented employers in cases concerning breach of non-competition agreement by former employees

    Analyzing and drafting individual contracts including employment contract, co-operational contracts, management contracts, non-competition agreements.

Bankruptcy and creditiors rights

    Represented members of the Board of Directors in the proceedings concerning their liability for the debt of their company

    Provided legal advice do creditors and debtors in local and international bankruptcy proceedings

    Provided legal service to the client in order to oppose the bankruptcy motion filed against him to force him to pay the debt.

    Represented general constructor in preliminary injunction proceedings and in bankruptcy proceedings of the real property developer.

    Provided legal advice to the official receiver of the bankruptcy estate of the railway company in procedural and other legal matters.

Paweł Kowalczyk

Paweł Kowalczyk

attorney at law
+48 22 636 94 94

He focuses on designing strategy and conducting commercial and civil litigation, especially in the contract and tort cases.

He advices clients from industries such as construction, real estate development, architecture, logistics, science and research institutes and church legal entities. He also has substantial experience in complex bankruptcy proceedings.

He provides legal services to private legal entities, including corporate advice to various businesses.

He has co-written the statement of claim and he is a representative in a class action against the State Treasury, so called “OFE case” (case concerns funds collected on individual accounts in Open Investment Funds).

He has extensive experience in litigation practices of top law firms in Poland. He is solo practitioner since 2008.

He graduated from the Catholic University of Lublin. He also studied at SGH Warsaw School of Economics (European Studies), and participated in a formation training at the Bar Association in Paris. He is a member of Warsaw Bar Association.

He is fluent in Polish, English and French.

Przemysław Waśkiewicz

legal advisor
+48 22 636 94 94

Mr. Waśkiewicz has extensive experience in providing legal support, particularly in the area of contact, copyright and labor law.

He acquired his professional experience in a law firm and in the legal department of a research institute, where he worked from 2009 to 2017. Mr. Waśkiewicz represented clients in cases based on non-performance or improper performance of a contract, transfer and licensing as well as infringement of copyrights. He advised individual clients also in matters related to employment.

Since 2014 he was responsible for coordinating works of other attorneys at law employed at the research institute.

He currently focuses his professional practice on representing clients in judicial and non-judicial proceedings, in civil, commercial and administrative matters.

Attorney at law Przemysław Waśkiewicz is a member of the Warsaw Bar Association (registry number WA-9619).

He has a good command of English.

Przemysław Waśkiewicz